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frans frengen: important explications
- collector item: get a unique work of frans frengen.(link)
- My thoughts: Otto Piene; Yves Klein; Bernard Aubertin; Peeters.(link)
- ANNOUNCEMENT: winners of the international contemporary fine art awards frans frengen 2nd/250: "Conscious creation" of contemporary masters.
   ( by "Vivid Arts Network" ( Italy ) and "Arttour International Magazine" ( NY ). (link)
- exhibition in Antwerp: Galerie Ludwig Trossaert 07/ 10 - 29/ 10... in this gallery you saw "the making of..." (diafilm)
and books of frans frengen.Works in the books you can order by the Galerie.( Click on the image to see.)
Uit roet en rook zal ik u scheppen. BESTELLEN:
- Uit roet en rook zal ik u scheppen.
Een poort naar betoverende dromen. TO ORDER:
- Een poort naar betoverende dromen.
- Amsterdam Whitney Gallery. With Mrs. Ruthie Tucker... master in history of Art. (link)
- Why we knew so little about frans frengen? (link)
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