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Important artists and famous artists; only become their real status from nature. It's only by being their own nature, they become famous and important.
Why do we still know so little about frans frengen?

Has he a late start? Has he only "invented" his technique now?
I must answer:” NO!” As a 10-year old boy a connoisseur of art of Antwerp bought his first oil painting with the words: “Do continue, we gonna hear more from you in the future.
” Without any doubt frans frengen had always kept word. Increasingly concerned about the world around him, he sought his own way. In all shapes and images he did. Always when he recognized some parts of his former style in works of an other " artist" he changed HIS style and technique.

He studied famous artists and their work. So he searched further. He attended classes at the “Famous Artists School” of New York with Al Parker, Norman Rockwell and many others, because his parents wanted him to learn another profession. But by frans Frengen it was his nature, more as a passion. Art was his life. He studied at the academy a few years later - with much success though.He was a very beloved and talented student. He also experimented in many areas. And finally he found his “Fumagine” (1976)- to paint with a flame. This technique, he would never show (scramble) it to the world before he was master of this technique and he could work all the way about... Although it was extremely difficult because he could easily paint all he wanted with paint... He received offers, also from the Ministry. He shrugged off everything. He would leave it to others. That was maybe a stupid thought. (In “that” time earlier older artists said:" You are a young artist even when you were 50. So plenty of time.") He spent over 10 years to learn about his “ fumagine” and when his mother was dying (1987) he promised to stay out of media if she could live longer. Does this help? When she died in 1996, frans frengen still worked constantly to improve his style. And he devoted himself more than ever to his disciples.

Gradually his works were discovered ... after a short time as director at school. He began to appear feet by feet. It was already 2006. Jan Hoet answered in a letter to keep in touch and praized the intrinsic quality of his work.
In the hope that art lovers and collectors appreciate his unique style ....He did not keep in touch.

Frengen wanted to protect his work for plagiarism. Often impossible, but he tried. Unique work recognizable between others in this world is this still feasible? Indeed. A real collector can forever be linked with the value of this work. It’s all honesty.

Important and famous artists; only become their real status from nature. It's only by being their own nature they become famous and important.
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