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Frans Frengen: " contemporary " art.

So beautiful...! ( 18 cm x 20 cm x 46 cm)
New original sculpture

It would be a sin: I had some tears in my eyes when finishing...she was walking around with her magnificent color.
I offer the possibility; who understands; to buy this after a bid.

The promenade in the park. ( La ballade dans le parc. De wandeling in het park.) made December 27th 2014
The promenade in the park.(front)
a bit.
La ballade dans le parc.(right side)
a bit.
De wandeling in het park.(back side)
a bit.
die Wanderung im Park.(left side)
 a bit.
"La spazeggiata" detail
" la caminata" detail
In this theme of paintings:
a bit.
This sculpture has the prove. Now I can show some others.
Dit beeld heeft het bewijs.
I had a lot of others;(it used to be no zoom, no photo's). You could ask because of all who would do like this... "then" I'm not so original.
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